Jitender Kumar

Oracle Database Administrator

Remove Oracle Binaries/Oracle Home

  Post upgrade of database to new version, we always have one task to remove Oracle Binaries/Oracle Home. Here are simple steps to do it Remove entries from oratab files. Remove listener.ora … Continue reading

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ZFS Appliance Patching

Important Links Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance: Software Updates (Doc ID 2021771.1) Oracle ZFS Storage Appliance: How to upgrade a clustered system (Doc ID 1447284.1) Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage System: … Continue reading

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How to resize ASM disks in Exadata

Ref. No: How to resize ASM disks in Exadata (Doc ID 1684112.1) Check celldisks for available free space CellCLI> list celldisk attributes name,freespace CD_00_jitucell001 1.32916259765625T CD_01_jitucell001 1.32916259765625T CD_02_jitucell001 1.3621673583984375T CD_03_jitucell001 1.3621673583984375T … Continue reading

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Converting Stand alone database to RAC Database

Converting Stand alone database to RAC Database Single Node DB name : TEST Rac Node Name: test1, test2 sqlplus / as sysdba create pfile ‘/jkumar/initTEST.ora.orig’ from spfile; exit cp initTEST.ora.orig … Continue reading

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Cloning of database Home

Create DB Home Creating TAR from working Oracle RDMS installation Set Source oracle home profile. . oraenv cd $ORACLE_HOME cd .. tar -zcvf /{SourceCloneRdbms Path}/ > /{SourceCloneRdbms Path}/ Copy tar file … Continue reading

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Download Reference for Oracle database

  For Database Assistant: Download Reference for Oracle Database/GI Update, Revision, PSU, SPU(CPU), Bundle Patches, Patchsets and Base Releases (Doc ID 2118136.2) Master Note for Database Proactive Patch Program (Doc … Continue reading

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Data Guard – Concept

  Redo Transport Service [RTS]: DG Redo Transport service co-ordinates the transmission of redo from primary database  to the standby database. At the same time Primary DB LGWR process is … Continue reading

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Shut Down or Reboot a Storage Server

Shut Down or Reboot a Storage Server When performing maintenance on storage servers, it might be necessary to power down or reboot the cell. If a storage server is to … Continue reading

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OEM Repository query

I wanted to pull database growth over the time period. Below query could provide Month wise database growth. SELECT      TARGET_NAME, TRUNC(ROLLUP_TIMESTAMP, ‘MON’) Month, round(AVG(SIZE_GB),2) Size_GB FROM ( SELECT      A.TARGET_NAME, A.rollup_timestamp, … Continue reading

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Oracle Systems Manager for Oracle ZFS storage Beta Program


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